May 29, 2023

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Brassskate AZ Klina Hospital no longer allows visitors after ... (Brasschaat)

Brassskate AZ Klina Hospital no longer allows visitors after … (Brasschaat)


Visitors are not allowed at AZ Klina since Saturday. The measure comes after more and more patients tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. In some cases, exceptions are allowed. “Visitors and patients seem to have mixed reactions to the decision, but most understand it.”

David Van Turnhout

“When our patients enter the hospital, they are immediately tested for corona,” says Joanne de Roque of AZ Klina. This means that all patients in the hospital received passive admission. Unfortunately, it later turned out that many of them tested positive, an infection that can therefore only be transmitted through a visit. “This was also confirmed by our contact tracing.”

The hospital administration decided to suspend all visits, although there are some exceptions. For example, partners are still allowed in the maternity hospital. Long-term hospitalized patients are also allowed to receive visitors in some cases, and in pediatrics, parents are also allowed to stay with their children. We know this is not an easy metric and we try to stay human. We think that’s too bad ourselves,” it seems.

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According to the hospital management, most visitors show an understanding of the procedure, although for some it is difficult. It is not yet clear when the visit ban will be applied. As long as the situation in society is developing unfavorably, the hospital will have to prevent contamination of patients as much as possible.

See the schedule of the visit Here.

deferred care

In both of us, as in other hospitals, corona treatments are being postponed. “More health care workers are dropping out because of Corona, which makes it difficult for us to continue to ensure regular care,” says de Roque. As long as the number of infections in the community continues to rise, there is no immediate improvement in sight for hospitals. “We definitely expect an increase in the number of patients admitted,” says de Roque. So it looks like the procedures will continue to apply for a while.

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