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Bright 25 2021: Cut cables, metaverses and earplugs

Bright 25 2021: Cut cables, metaverses and earplugs

10. Nothing Ear (1)

2021 was a year Wireless headphones. Easy to use on the road but also while working in the office or at home. However, you’ll want to reduce the noise if the situation calls for it. the Lashi Air (1) The market shook at a price of only one hundred euros. It was unprecedented. Not only do good wireless earplugs with noise canceling cost at least twice that, the quality is also very good for this price. It is also said that there is a smartphone on the way from nothing, we are curious. These earplugs like taste more.

9. Hyundai Ioniq 5

from everything electric cars Which we tested in 2021 passed Ionic 5 than Hyundai the highest score (8.7). No Derived from the fuel model But it has been completely redesigned into an all-electric car. the Tight Ionic 5 So it has a large interior space. You can also charge super fast at speeds of over 200 kW. And even bi-directional charging. This is the future.

8. Cut the cables

For the first time, Ziggo, the country’s largest cable operator, showcased Internet subscription only. immediately stood up cable cutters To leave TV as it was decades ago and switch entirely to streaming devices and apps.

This also brings new challenges, because The choice is great. Netflix, Videoland, Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV+, NLziet, Discovery+, Mubi, Pathé Thuis and YouTube Premium, the show doesn’t stop there and will continue to grow in the coming year.

2021 was also a year Optical fiber. At KPN, the meter had already reached three million households by the middle of the year and then regained speed again. Ziggo responded with a start up Gigabit Internet, but this is only possible with downloads that provide high speed. In any case, there is still something to choose from.

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7. Metaverse

In a final attempt to get over his bad name, Mark Zuckerberg has renamed his company all dead, the new parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus, er, MetaQuest. He also declared that he is fully committed to metaverse. Zuke believes that the Internet will eventually become a virtual world in which we will communicate, work and play with each other wearing glasses.

Our Meta vr . platform Horizon worlds Tested and it was very nice, but mostly everything looks like a lightning rod for the endless string scandals And the controversy surrounding the social media giant. Moreover, the metaverse has been around for a long time. What about games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox? and remember second life after? Good try, Zuk. Perhaps the idea of ​​a new CEO is better than a new name.

6. Right to repair

Was in tech last year e-waste point of interest via smartphones without adapter For sale, the focus this year has shifted to ‘repairability’, how well you can repair a smartphone or computer (yourself). Two bright examples are Verfone 4 and the laptop frame.

Fairphone is the world’s most sustainable smartphone from the only Dutch smartphone brand. Fairphone 4 got the most from advocates for the right to repair in iFixit. The Frame laptop is a Windows laptop that you can repair and upgrade yourself. We hope to appear in Europe soon.

These products may not be available to everyone, but they have a huge impact on the industry, as evidenced by Apple’s announcement of… iPhone repair tool For end users and Dell laptop concept Project Luna.

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Bright 25 for 2021

Numbers 11 to 15: E-bikes, vouwtelefoons, bluetooth trackers, ransomware, Bo Burnham.

Numbers 16 to 20: Squid, Dune, Windows 11, Xbox Game Pass, pro smartphones,

Numbers 21 to 25Clubhouse, NFTs, social media, smart doorbells, new chips.

In the coming days you will read the rest of the annual technology overview. Follow the updates here.