February 9, 2023

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British channels are no longer allowed to broadcast parts of Elizabeth's funeral

British channels are no longer allowed to broadcast parts of Elizabeth’s funeral

British TV channels will not be able to show different parts of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in the future. Among other things, he writes this Watchman. Buckingham Palace was given the right to request that some photos not be used, and in return news channels were allowed to cover the event.

according to Watchman BBC, ITV News and Sky News, among others, have received reports from staff of the British royal family. It included timestamps for photos that should be excluded from future newscasts. According to the newspaper, it is about five short videos in which members of the royal family will not appear. French program Quotidian Provide a list of the parts involved. It comes to pictures where the royals reach for a handkerchief to wipe their tears, Princess Eugenie and Zara Tindall stood up very quickly and also a moment when Prince George was briefly scratching his nose.

Additionally, Buckingham Palace does not want to show the moment the crown is removed from Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, and the moment they lower the coffin into the royal vault has also been omitted.

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It is not known why the British royal family did not want to display the photos in question. A special request was sent in advance not to disturb members of the royal family, and everything should be “official and dignified.”

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During the broadcast, some parts were also “cut” for other reasons. For example, there was a man who tried to touch the coffin of the deceased queen. This has not been shown live by the various channels and will not be shown in rebroadcasts.

Another agreement is that the funeral photos can only be used in news broadcasts and not in entertainment programmes.