November 29, 2023

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British electrician admits to killing two women and sexually assaulting dozens of bodies |  Abroad

British electrician admits to killing two women and sexually assaulting dozens of bodies | Abroad

A 67-year-old British electrician admitted on Thursday to the deaths of two young women and dozens of assaults on corpses at several mortuaries. According to local media, this is an unprecedented case in the history of British justice.

David Fuller of Heathfield, East Sussex, was arrested in late 2020 after a DNA match. Today, on the fourth day of his trial, he has pleaded guilty to the 1987 murders of two young women in Kent. It is about twenty-year-old Wendy Kennell and 25-year-old Caroline Pierce. He is also accused of sexually assaulting them later.

He had pleaded guilty to 51 other crimes before trial, including 44 necrophilia cases, but investigators estimate that the Briton mutilated at least 99 bodies. 78 of these have been identified. Among these victims are three minors and a few women over the age of 85.

Attorney General Libby Clark was quoted by AFP as saying the charges against Fuller were “unprecedented in the history of British justice”. She is convinced that the man would still be doing the same business if he had not been arrested.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel also responded to the issue in local media. “This is horrific. The pathological nature of the crimes will shock and alarm the public. (…) I also want to touch on the memory of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce. Two young women whose lives were brutalized over thirty years ago. I hope their families find some relief as they see justice It has finally been reached.”

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Wendy Knell (left) and Caroline Pierce were killed separately in 1987. © Police Kent

DNA Research

DNA testing allowed Fuller’s arrest more than 30 years after the two murders. DNA was found on the bodies of both murdered women, as well as on Wendy Knell’s bed and towel. It was found that the DNA found partially matched that of a relative of Fuller, who was on a list of 1,000 people who might have a family link to the killer. Fuller, who until then was unknown to the police, was later arrested.

During a search of his home, officers found a lot of pornography, notes linking him to the two women and hard drives hidden in a locker. It contained footage showing how Fuller assaulted several corpses. “It was too much. No British court had ever seen this before,” the plaintiff said in a statement.

service card

Fuller worked as a maintenance man for several hospitals. Thanks to his service permit, he had access to mortuaries where the bodies of deceased patients were kept. Until his arrest, he performed sexual acts with the corpses. During today’s hearing, the mother of one of the victims – 24-year-old Azra Kamal, who died after falling from a bridge – explained how her daughter was abused at least three times after her death in the mortuary at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Pembury. Once this happened after the deceased woman was taken out of the mortuary.

British police ordered more than 150 specialized agents to visit families of David Fuller’s victims last year and allocated 1.75 million euros to support them, British media reported.

Fuller was able to get to the morgues with his pass.

Fuller was able to get to the morgues with his pass. © Police Kent