March 28, 2023

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British intelligence sees signs of ‘split within the Russian military leadership’ | Ukraine and Russia war

According to the British intelligence services, the dismissal of a senior Russian soldier is another indication of the divisions within the Russian military leadership. The daily report of the British Ministry of Defense said that General Mikhail Teplinsky, who has played an important role in the war in Ukraine so far, is likely to have been sacked.

According to the British, Teplinsky was responsible for the Russians’ withdrawal west of the Dnieper River in November last year. In Russia, he has been described as an “capable and pragmatic commander,” according to the report. It is currently not clear whether the Russian still has his authority as head of the Russian Airborne Forces. Controversy over the duties of those forces may have contributed to his dismissal. For example, the Airborne Forces have often been deployed to carry out missions that do not belong to their specialty.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the British Ministry of Defense has been exchanging information about the course of the war based on intelligence from the secret services on a daily basis. With this, the British government wants to counter the Russian representation of the war. Moscow accuses London of misinformation.

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The European Union wants to train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers

Meanwhile, it was learned from diplomatic sources that the European Union wants to double the capacity of the Military Assistance Mission to Ukraine. Although 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers were initially scheduled to receive training on EU soil, this number is expected to grow to 30,000.

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EU foreign ministers gave the green light to the training mission in November. Its purpose is to enhance the military capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine so that they can defend themselves against Russia. Military personnel receive individual, group or specialized training at various locations in the European Union, mainly in Poland and Germany. They also learn how to handle weapons that are supplied from the West.

The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign and Defense Policy, Josep Borrell, will present a presentation of the doubling of the training capacity at the EU-Ukraine summit on Friday. The cost of the training program has been estimated so far at 106 million euros, but this amount will apparently increase. The European Union also wants the release of 25 million euros for demining in Ukraine. This is “urgently needed” for the population, the report adds, but also for the country’s “social and economic recovery”.

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