January 20, 2022

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British PM optimistic in year-end speech: 'Despite Omicron, things are going in the right direction' |  abroad

British PM optimistic in year-end speech: ‘Despite Omicron, things are going in the right direction’ | abroad

Johnson acknowledged in the video that there may be concerns about the new omikron variant and the increasing number of hospitalizations. However, according to the head of government, things are definitely going in the right direction with the UK. “This country has the fastest growing economy in the Group of Seven,” he told his fellow countrymen. “And there are more people in jobs now than there were before the start of the pandemic.”

The Prime Minister also praised Britain’s readiness for a large-scale vaccination against the Corona virus. According to the government, a booster dose has now been offered to all adults in England. “Thanks to this huge national effort, we can still celebrate tonight,” Johnson said.

The start of 2022 cannot be celebrated with equal fervor everywhere in the UK. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have stricter rules than England, where most Britons live. London has canceled planned festivities in Trafalgar Square as a precaution.

In his year-end address, Johnson asked people to stick to the rules when they are in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He also gave his compatriots who were not fully vaccinated a good New Year’s resolution. “Get that shot,” the prime minister said. He says that this is well-intentioned “much easier than losing weight or keeping a diary”.

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