May 30, 2023

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British police succeed in investigating hundreds of hospital deaths | outside

British police have identified 19 suspects in a new investigation into 456 hospital deaths. This was reported by the British broadcaster BBC. According to an independent research committee, patients died between 1987 and 2001 after being prescribed strong painkillers without good reason.

Three previous police investigations into Gosport War Memorial Hospital did not result in any prosecutions. Since 2019, the police are again trying to solve the case. According to the BBC, talks with the suspects are being held cautiously. Relatives have been demanding justice for years.

Police described the case as “the largest and most complex of its kind”. Investigators are examining more than 750 patient files in the case. The so-called Operation Magenta began in 2019 after the investigation conducted by the committee which took witness statements from more than a thousand family members.

The commission said there was “contempt for human life” in the hospital. There was a culture in which many patients’ lives were shortened. Relatives who raised concerns were constantly let down. The nurses’ concerns could have been ignored by the hospital.

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