May 29, 2023

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British soldiers help Poland at the Belarusian border

British soldiers help Poland at the Belarusian border

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The British Army sent a small unit to NATO ally Poland to help on the border with Belarus. The Guardian reported that the troops will see if the border fence can be repaired or strengthened.

Source: Belgian

The unit consists of about a dozen soldiers and arrived in Poland on Thursday. The soldiers are expected to stay there for a few days. According to the British Ministry of Defense, the mission revolves mainly around technical support. There will be no plans to allow soldiers from the UK to perform police duties at the border.

In Belarus, many migrants have gathered at the border with EU member Poland. Sources around the British government say it is appropriate to consider providing assistance to Poland because Belarus tends to direct asylum seekers to the border. This is seen within the European Union as retaliation for European sanctions.

The British Ministry of Defense says the UK and Poland have maintained a long-standing friendly relationship and are NATO allies. A small team of British military personnel was deployed after an agreement with the Polish government. The goal is to see how we can provide technical support due to the current situation on the border with Belarus.”

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