July 24, 2024

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British tourist, 52, disappears after jumping into Lake Garda to save his son: he may have drowned after heat shock |  Abroad

British tourist, 52, disappears after jumping into Lake Garda to save his son: he may have drowned after heat shock | Abroad

ItaliaA 52-year-old British tourist went missing on Friday in Lake Garda in northern Italy. The father of two is said to have jumped into the water after his 14-year-old son got into trouble. The man managed to save his son, but the water swallowed him himself. Local rescue services are currently searching for any trace of the Briton, despite fears that the man in his 50s may have drowned.


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Il Messaggero, Il Gazzettino, The Daily Mail

The Briton rented a boat with his family and was sailing near the town of Limone on the western shore of Lake Garda. The man noticed how his son who was swimming got into trouble and did not hesitate for a second. He jumped into the water and managed to push the teenager into the boat, where the boy was pulled by his mother and 5-year-old sister.

However, when the mother of the family turned around, her husband was nowhere to be seen. The woman screamed for help and alerted the other boats in the area. We were about 100 meters from the beach when we heard a woman screaming for help. I looked around and she was in a boat with two kids who were screaming and pointing at the water, so we called 911. “They were at the scene quickly,” an eyewitness told local media.

The Coast Guard was still searching for any trace of the man late Friday night, to no avail. So family members are still waiting for the news and are currently receiving psychological help.

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heat shock

The British tourist, whose name has not yet been revealed, is said to be a businessman who will celebrate his 53rd birthday next Tuesday. He and his family stayed last night in a four-star hotel near the accident site.

Rescuers fear the man may have died from heat shock. “It was very warm on Friday afternoon, but the water was 10 degrees cooler,” the Coast Guard said. This makes the man the third person in less than a week to drown in Lake Garda. For example, two men, aged 36 and 41, died in the water last week.

The search continues today. The deployment includes Coast Guard and fire brigade boats, as well as volunteer boats, as well as helicopters and a team of divers searching the bottom with special cameras.

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