July 12, 2024

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British travelers have to queue for hours at Heath Airport…

British travelers have to queue for hours at Heath Airport…

This week, hallucinatory scenes can be seen at London Heathrow Airport. Thousands of travelers returning from a sick holiday have to queue for hours at customs at London’s Heathrow Airport. Several people lost consciousness in the long queues, including a pregnant woman. “There is no ventilation here, no fire exit and barely two staff to check on thousands of people,” it seemed.

The photos and testimonials that have appeared on social media in recent days do not lie. Lines, as far as you can see, crowded crowd. Many Britons have had major headaches after trying to enter their country from vacation. According to Sky News, a pregnant woman went missing in one of the long queues in Terminal 5. Other witnesses spoke of “adult men” coming off the bat. The queues were exceptionally long for a whole week, but the place exploded, especially on a Friday. Many vacationers describe the conditions as “appalling.” Children crying, no fresh air, no toilets…

Apparently, the large crowds at the airport were not properly estimated this week. According to eyewitnesses, there was no customs officer to search thousands of Britons. “We’ve been standing here for hours and there are only two officials here,” it said on Twitter. Children under 12 cannot access the automatic gates – you have to scan your passport. This meant that entire families had to register for a medical examination.

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The Home Office says the airport itself could not determine the exact length of the lines and quickly referred to the Home Office. There was not enough staff there. Verifying measures against the coronavirus pandemic also took extra time, making progress much slower. Imprisoning everyone in a row for hours in the fight against Corona. “I don’t see the point in being honest,” one said on Twitter.