December 6, 2022

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Britons divided: Can Elizabeth pass the torch to Charles before her death?  "It's ready, you're done" |  Property

Britons divided: Can Elizabeth pass the torch to Charles before her death? “It’s ready, you’re done” | Property

PropertyWaiver, it is indeed you did not With the British royal family. But in recent days there has been debate in the local media, and for the first time in decades, both voices are ringing equally loudly. On the one hand, they do not want to lose Elizabeth, on the other hand, even the British realize that their best days for the Queen are over.

Charles had to fill his mother’s place for the first time this week at the opening of the British Parliament. He read the letter from the throne, a task traditionally assigned to the king. But with Elizabeth’s mobility deteriorating, she has more than ever delegated important tasks to her son and grandson, Prince William. The latter attended the throne speech for the first time in his royal life. “A very symbolic moment,” the British press wrote. “We get a glimpse into the future.”

But Britons remain divided over how quickly this future will come. Elizabeth will soon celebrate 70 years of the British throne. June sees plenty of celebrations, and Britons fear the Queen will use the opportunity to announce her abdication. “This is not usually in the papers of the British royal family,” local newspapers said. “But Elizabeth is clearly awake. She is getting her pension. A quiet few years between her dogs and her horses. And Charles, he has been up for years. He has been working for this moment all his life.” Public opinion is also in favor at the moment for Charles, which means that The property could not have come at a better time for him. Furthermore, Elizabeth’s abdication would give Charles more time stamping it. “He’s going to be a transitional king anyway,” says royal biographer Tina Brown. “And his chief task would be to embark on the modernization of the monarchy, paving the way for his successor William. As much as the British like to see Elizabeth, we must admit that she cannot.”

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Charles appeared alone to deliver the speech from the throne. © AP

On “The Morning Show” they shudder again at the thought of abdication. Lieutenant-Colonel Piers Morgan said: “I don’t think we would ever know how to be British without the Queen. Charles is not creative at all. Although I must admit that William is also good at the market.”

The debate erupted. Almost all local newspapers began to conduct opinion polls, trying to measure the number of citizens in support of the kidnappings. The first surveys show that there is much more than a few years ago. One wrote on Twitter: “Charles has been king for years?” “He’s already doing the work, he hasn’t got the title yet.” Then the others think: “Prince, you are from the day your priest dies until the moment you come to go yourself. It has always been this way, no matter how old you are.”

According to experts, Elizabeth is unlikely to choose to part with her crown. When it’s finally up to him, Charles won’t choose to pass the torch to William right away. They’re royals, and they love tradition,” said Tina Brown. “And they also have a great sense of honour. Their egos won’t be able to handle last minute surrender. And honest? Most Brits don’t want that either.”

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