October 1, 2022

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“Bruce Willis wanted to continue working after aphasic diagnosis” |  showbiz

“Bruce Willis wanted to continue working after aphasic diagnosis” | showbiz

The Los Angeles Times published a lengthy article last week about producer Randall Emmett, with whom Bruce Willis has directed more than 25 films in recent years. The play shows that the producer pushed Willis to continue working despite health problems that made acting difficult for him. But that doesn’t matter, says Martin Singer, Willis’ attorney. “My client continued to work after the diagnosis because he wanted to and could have,” the Los Angeles Times said. “Like many other people diagnosed with aphasia, they can continue to work. And because Mr. Willis has appeared in those films, they have been able to secure funding. This has secured the employment of thousands of people, many of them during the Corona pandemic.”

Bruce Willis’ family announced in March that the actor was retiring due to aphasia, a language disorder caused by a brain injury that affects cognitive abilities. After the news, more and more stories appeared about the difficulties identified in recent years. Bruce Willis, for example, was whispering his songs through an earpiece. In addition, the actor seemed confused at times and had a hard time getting his words out. In the Los Angeles Times article, crew members described how Willis struggled to kick a door on the set of “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” Even when crew members showed him how to do it, Willis failed to copy the act. Then producer Randall Emmett walked out angrily. “Did I do something wrong?” Next, Willis would have asked the rest of the crew.

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