July 21, 2024

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Brussels has four times the number of parliamentarians per capita than in Flanders

Brussels has four times the number of parliamentarians per capita than in Flanders

There are 31,800 politicians, administrators and government employees in Belgium at all levels. The researchers include 54 ministers, with a total of 2,000 members of the Council of Ministers, 592 parliamentarians, 13,300 municipal council members, and 9,580 directors of inter-municipal companies.

Most of the ministers

There are more of all types of politicians in Wallonia and Brussels than in Flanders. First of all, in Flanders there is one Flemish minister for every 740,000 inhabitants. In Brussels and Wallonia, this figure is 1 in 230,000. For this figure, the study examines the governments of Walloon, Brussels and the French Community that pursue a common policy in French-speaking Belgium. For the Brussels region separately, this concerns one regional minister or state minister for every 157,000 inhabitants. Thus, Flanders has only nine ministers per 6.8 million inhabitants, while Wallonia and Brussels together have 21 ministers per 4.8 million citizens.

The three governments implementing the policy in Brussels and Wallonia also have the largest governments. There are 272 treasuries in Flanders, compared to 986 in Wallonia, Brussels and the French Community. This gives a result of 40 cabinet employees per million inhabitants in Flanders and 205 in French-speaking Belgium. Brussels Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort’s government also has the largest number of staff of all the ministerial departments in our country, 80 full-time equivalents, RTBF reported last month, and along with the federal government, the ministries cost €300 million a year to study. .