June 5, 2023

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Brutal attack in New York: Woman paralyzed after man shoves her head into moving subway | outside

Prosecutor Caroline McGuigan said Wednesday that Usui was “grabbed on the head by the offender and then thrust her head against the moving subway with all his might.” The perpetrator, Kemal Samrad, 39, was on the same subway and got off in Manhattan. He followed the victim and then attacked her. The incident occurred in New York’s Upper East Side at 6 am and was caught on security cameras and witnessed by witnesses. He ran away from the station after the fact. “The victim is in a critical condition and at risk of death or stroke,” McGuigan said.

“I saw him walk past her with his hands open and push her head into the moving subway,” witness Nancy Marrero told NBC New York. After that, she fell to the ground at the platform. As Ozsoy was lying on the ground she said she could not feel her arm and asked if she was going to die. I replied, “You won’t die, don’t worry. I’m here. I stay with you “.”

Ozsoy was formerly the chief designer of an Istanbul newspaper. In 2017 she moved to New York City with the intention of focusing fully on her art. She was on her way to work at the time of the attack. In a statement, her husband Ferdi Ozsoy thanked the authorities and everyone who reassured his wife after the assault. “You will need constant care after that,” he said.

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