July 21, 2024

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Build your city in space also on the IXION console.

Build your city in space also on the IXION console.

Kasedo Games has announced that its space city building game IXION will be released for Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 in 2025. The game was previously released for PC in 2022.

IXION is a sci-fi city-building and management game developed by Bulwark Studios and released by Kasedo Games in December 2022. The player takes on the role of the director of the Tiqqun space station, tasked with creating a new home planet for humanity to find after Earth has become uninhabitable. The gameplay combines strategic resource management with deep narrative elements, requiring players to constantly balance survival and exploration. The space station must be managed efficiently, while taking care of food production, energy supply, and the well-being of the inhabitants.

In addition to resource management and city building, IXION also presents challenging decisions and moral dilemmas that influence the development of the story. Players explore space, discovering new planets and ancient shipwrecks, often facing unexpected dangers and difficult choices. The combination of strategic gameplay and an engaging story makes IXION a unique experience within the city building genre, where players must use their planning and decision-making skills to survive in the vastness of space.

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