March 29, 2023

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Burnley Monitor: Vincent Kompany is getting time but expectations are high |  Vincent Company

Burnley Monitor: Vincent Kompany is getting time but expectations are high | Vincent Company

Now that the move from Vincent Kompany to English second-tier side Burnley is a reality, the former Anderlecht boss awaits the very difficult task. “claret” Back to the Premier League. According to Burnley monitor Chris Boden, the Kompany is a well-considered choice for the club.

“A new wind at Turf Moor”

“After 10 years of success with Sean Daichi at the helm, it’s time for a new wind to blow at Burnley Turf Moor,” said Chris Boden. The Burnley Gazette journalist has been following the club for decades.

“Burnley has a tradition of hiring different types of managers, each with a different style of play. But with Sean Dyche, that magic is gone and it’s up to Vincent Kompany to update everything.”

According to Boden, we can even talk about a real revolution. “14 players left the club last week. Not all of them are key players, but still… If you exclude captain Ben Mai and James Tarkowski, the central defender and in fact the entire team, which reached the Europa League in 2018, will be far away.”

Vincent Kompany exudes authority and the players respect him. As a manager, you can go a long way with that.

So Kompany will have work to get the kernel back on track. But the truth is Burnley had the oldest core in the Premier League and rejuvenation was an issue.

Boden doesn’t mind that the former Anderlecht coach doesn’t have the greatest resume. “Sean Dyche also only had one year of experience. He’s also been here for ten years and has done great things.”

“Vincent exudes authority and the players respect him and that goes a long way as a coach. He’s never done this before, at this level. But I think he knows the challenge he faces.”

“The strength of the Kompany name and brand”

According to Boden, the commercial impact of recruiting someone like the Kompany in England should also not be underestimated. “The strength of the Vincent Company name and branding is so great here.”

18 months ago the club was bought by American investors,
ALK Capital, and of course they want Burnley to have a bigger resonance around the world.

“But also because of the different and more attractive football style. Sean Daichi played the score very practically, but every now and then he hurt his eyes.”

Moreover, Kompany knows the area well. “He’s played here for 11 years, Manchester is only 25 miles from Burnley. His wife is from here, his kids go to school here. And most importantly, there are a lot of derbies in the area and he knows what it’s like to play a derby here. To play.”

‘Nobody cares if you’re not in the Premier League’

The English Premier League is sometimes said to be the toughest competition in Europe due to the fact that there are so many equal teams.

Chris Boden thinks Burnley have a chance of being promoted again right away. “With all the Lancashire derby matches against Blackburn, Preston North End, Blackpool… it’s going to be a feast. But it’s also going to be a tough year.”

But Burnley supporters are very patient and fair. “They will give Kompany time. If they see that the coach and the players are 100% committed, they will stand behind them.”

“But on the other hand, they expect to be on the ‘right’ side of the standings at the end of the season.”

The Chairman wants Burnley to have the image of the underdog that everyone sympathizes with

The board of course wants to return to the Premier League immediately. “The parachute bonus (Premier League players get extra money) is always used as a kind of benefit. But when you see how much money is missing from TV and players leaving because they can stay in the Premier League, that’s a bonus.”

“But above all is appearance: ‘Nobody cares if you’re not in the Premier League. This is a harsh reality and you want to be in the spotlight every week.”

“The Chairman wants Burnley to have the image of the underdog that everyone sympathizes with. But there is a long way to go back.”

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