August 18, 2022

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Drukke beursagenda met Amerikaans banenrapport

Busy stock market calendar with US jobs report

(APM FN) Next week will be a busy one for investors on the macroeconomic front as the corporate agenda is empty.

It will be a shortened trading week on Wall Street as Americans commemorate their Declaration of Independence on Monday.

We are supplied with trade balance on the first day of the week from Germany. The US will release data on its exports and imports on Thursday in May.

On Monday we see producer prices in the Eurozone. Inflation is on Thursday’s agenda in our northern neighbours.

Prices are skyrocketing all over the world. This is due to the reopening of the economy after Corona and the war in Ukraine. Central banks are trying to stop inflation, but are somewhat helpless to see the shortfall in supply. The US Federal Reserve will release the minutes of its last policy meeting on Wednesday, in which interest rates were raised overnight by 0.75 percent. The European Central Bank will put the minutes online on Thursday. Interest rates will rise for the first time this month in Europe.

The Reserve Bank of Australia, caught up in the same problems we are, makes an interest rate decision on Tuesday.

A series of Purchasing Managers’ Indexes for service sectors are scheduled for the day in Asia and Europe. The US will resume Wednesday with a one-day delay due to a holiday earlier in the week.

France will give insight into its industrial production on Tuesday. Germany will follow on Thursday and the Netherlands on Friday.

On Friday, labor market data from the U.S. will be released with unemployment data and job creation.

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The ADP report, which usually appears before official statistics, will not be released for the time being. The paycheck app said last week that the system is being tweaked to create a more robust code. The latest report is expected by the end of August.

Company calendar

It’s still a little early in the new earnings season, now lagging behind in the second quarter.

Nothing is planned in our country yet. Only statistics from Levi Strauss on Thursday abroad. After next week, earnings season will resume in the US.

Source: ABM Financial News

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