February 1, 2023

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BV 24/7. Kobe Elsen posts cute photo of his son and Reggie experiencing withdrawal symptoms | BV

BVshow must go onBecause the world of entertainment never stands still. You can find out what your favorite BV has been up to in the last 24 hours right here in our news stream.


Astrid Coppins it was a wonderful day. Di Lau just arrived in Belgium and met Joey Lee for the first time. Then Billy Ray picked up from school. And we managed to end the day with James the Musical, which I really enjoyed a lot.

Kobe Elsen He shares an adorable photo of his son, Magnus.

Marth From K3 she enjoyed her journey to London. She asks her followers, “What is your favorite city?”

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Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Reviews one of the highlights of the past year.

Quinn Crook Martine Jonqueri has a heart under her belt. “I wish you a lot of strength today and good results. And a good recovery for the coming weeks.

reg Still have to get used to the weather here in Belgium.

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