March 28, 2023

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BV 24/7. Viktor and Gert Verhulst sing together at the top of their lungs and Bart Peeters looks back on Kastaars! | showbiz

BVshow must go onBecause the world of entertainment never stands still. You can find out what your favorite BV has been up to in the last 24 hours right here in our news stream.



Bart Peters (left) and Geert and Victor Verholst (right). © Instagram Bart Peeters @bart_peeters_officieel and Instagram Viktor Verhulstviktorverhulst

Verholst changed and his son Victoralso called “empty hunters”, They went hunting together on Gran Canaria.

Francesco Planckart He shares photos of his musician kids, Devon, Noa and Yoka.

Jamie Lee Six He takes mirrored selfies in the elevator.

Pommelien Thijs Celebrating her 21st birthday to fellow #LikeMe Francis Schuster.

Bart Peters He won a career award this past weekend. Castar! for which he is very grateful. Share a video on Instagram. “It happened to me tonight. It doesn’t mean my career is over!”

Kirsten Lemire She shone with her pals on the yellow carpet from the castar family!

Jill de Coster He is still unable to speak. “De Mol” won Kastaar! For “Best TV Show”. “From the bottom of my heart: Thank you to everyone who voted, to my amazing editors and staff and to everyone who enjoys watching this show as much as we enjoy making it. We are so proud of this!”

Willie Summers Standing with his colleague “Ten to see” Ann Dibetzler.

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