September 26, 2022

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California regulator: Tesla misleads consumers with autopilot ads

The California Department of Motor Vehicles accuses Tesla of misleading consumers. According to the regulator, the company’s advertisements for self-driving jobs are misleading.

The DMV He mentions his accusations Tesla’s ads for its self-driving features, autopilot and fully self-driving, are misleading. For example, the names of these features will give the impression that cars can drive more autonomously than is actually possible. The DMV also states that Tesla advertisements indicate that the cars can indeed function fully as a self-driving car, but that hasn’t happened yet. This would allow the company California Civil Code violates.

The DMV wrote in its complaint that Tesla “has made or published statements that are untrue or misleading, and are not based on facts.” The supervisor indicates, among other things: To full self-driving descriptions on the Tesla website. “All you have to do is get in and tell your car where to go. If you don’t say anything, your car will look at your calendar and take you there as a supposed destination. Your Tesla will determine the optimal route, navigating through urban streets, complex intersections and highways,” the website reads. of the auto maker.

Fully autonomous driving is currently still in beta, which Tesla users can unlock for $12,000. This is a feature that allows Tesla cars to steer, accelerate and brake independently. However, this involves independent driving on the’Level 2, which still requires a driver behind the wheel. Tesla warns customers to take their hands off the steering wheel and pay attention while the feature is active, but the DMV says this is insufficient and “contradicts” other descriptions on its website.

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The complaint was filed with the California Office of Administrative Hearings. The organizer wants a hearing. If the DMV is correct, Tesla risks, among other things, fines. Tesla’s license to sell vehicles in California may also be suspended. The potential penalty will likely be lower. The DMV He tells the Los Angeles Times It wants to ask Tesla to advertise its self-driving features more realistically if the regulator wins. Tesla has yet to respond to complaints from the DMV.