July 19, 2024

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Can we notice this PlayStation 7 feature now?

Can we notice this PlayStation 7 feature now?

Games are increasingly being sold digitally. There are versions of PlayStation and Xbox that can’t accommodate discs, and digital sales on PC are already the norm. According to one analyst, it won’t be long before physical gaming disappears completely: the PlayStation 7 may have already given up on them.

There are many gamers who love physical games, but the majority on many platforms are slowly but surely shifting to digital purchases. This also means that many of the physical releases are a bit disappointing. Sometimes there is only a download code in the box, and sometimes it is determined that the game is not available in the store at all.

Xbox gamers in particular are often forced to do without the physical release right now, and that’s something players will have to get used to, according to the analyst. Piscatella died From Sirkana. According to him, it will soon happen that there will be almost no physical Xbox games in stores.
In some markets, the actual Xbox game has disappeared and according to Piscatella it doesn’t stop there. PlayStation is expected to continue offering only physical games for another generation, meaning the platform will be entirely digital from PS7 onwards. Nintendo may stick around for another generation, but Piscatella also expects that company to eventually stop making physical games.

Toy stores are already disappearing from the streets

It wouldn’t be too surprising if physical gaming actually disappeared. For example, it is already observed that game stores are having a hard time. It was recently announced that Game Mania, one of the largest gaming chains in the Netherlands and Belgium, is looking for a buyer because the company has debt.

Even if it exists, Game Mania has diminished significantly in recent years. About 40 stores have closed in the past five years as the chain focused on online sales. But there is of course also a lot of competition online, including from large stores such as bol, which is not particularly focused on games, but offers almost all the most sought-after games.

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