December 7, 2023

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Canadian bridge on US border remains closed despite police intervention

Canadian bridge on US border remains closed despite police intervention

Protesters in the Canadian border town of Windsor are still blocking the Ambassador Bridge near the US border.

Police began evacuating the bridge on Saturday and have since removed most cars and trucks. But hundreds of people refuse to leave the main trade route between Canada and the United States.

Windsor Police spokesman Jason Belair said the aim was to evacuate the bridge peacefully. There were no immediate reports of arrests on Saturday.

Show stop

Truckers of the so-called Freedom Caravan have been blocking the bridge on the important trade route between Ontario and the US state of Michigan since Monday, as well as two other important crossings. The blockade is causing particular problems in the auto industry due to the interruption of the supply of spare parts. On Friday, the judge ruled that the blockade should be lifted, but soon after the deadline, more protesters arrived.

On Saturday (local time) in a meeting with his top advisers, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stressed that border crossings “cannot and will not remain closed” and that “all options remain on the table,” the statement said. The prime minister said on Friday that any military deployment was a “last resort” that “must be avoided at all costs”.

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