February 6, 2023

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Canadian researchers plan to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with rail cars |  Abroad

Canadian researchers plan to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with rail cars | Abroad

In the future, installations in railcars will make it cheaper to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. Canadian researchers write this in the scientific journal Joule. It is said that such mobile installations will generate less resistance than fixed installations built on the ground.

According to Canadian inventors, the advantage of the pickup system in a moving train is that no fans are required to draw air. In the design, special railcars are equipped with large air inlets, through which polluted air flows automatically when the train is moving. The power the system needs can be generated, for example, by solar panels on the outside of the camper. The researchers suggest that energy can also be recovered when a train brakes, as is the case with electric and hybrid cars.

“Almost everyone wants to solve the climate crisis, but no one wants to do it in their own backyard,” University of Toronto chemist Jeffrey Ozen, one of the scientists involved, said in a statement. He adds that installations on railway cars do not require building permits. Moreover, the necessary infrastructure is already in place, in the form of train tracks.

still in its infancy

Overall, the researchers believe that it will one day be possible to operate these types of systems for less than €50 per ton of CO2. They concluded that this was “commercially attractive”. Companies in Europe currently lose around €85 per ton if CO2 emissions exceed a certain level.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture is still in its infancy, but there are many initiatives around the world to develop the technology. In Iceland, there is a plant for Climeworks that filters greenhouse gases from the air and stores them underground in the form of stone. This is safe, but still very expensive.

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