September 24, 2022

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Candice and Marin from "Blind Are Married" Away From Each Other: "It Seems Suddenly, But We Didn't Underestimate It"

Candice and Marin from “Blind Are Married” Away From Each Other: “It Seems Suddenly, But We Didn’t Underestimate It”

Candice Martens and Marijn Lenaerts, who got to know each other through the popular VTM show “Blind married”, broke up. They both announced it via social media. “We faced the fact that we had other plans for the future.”

Wout Desmytere

In 2020, they were the only couple to survive the Corona version blind married. But now, Candice and Marin have announced that they have separated after two years. “Over the past two years, Marin and I have gone through life as a married couple,” it seems. “However, we have chosen to continue as friends from now on. We have had many beautiful moments together. During our participation in the blind married We instantly got a friendly flick and also fell in love, resulting in an incredibly unique experience.”

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The location of their residence – Candice at first preferred to continue to live in the eastern Flemish town of Beveren, where she grew up – seemed for a long time the only flaw in their relationship. In the end, the couple decided to live together in Binkom, Marijn’s hometown. “We were glad we made the move to live together, but at the same time we noticed there were challenges. We went through more difficult moments and bumped into the fact that we had other plans for the future. Today’s message may seem new or surprising to you. However, we would like to inform you that we did not take this matter lightly. We worked hard on our challenges as a couple and tried different things to strengthen our relationship. We kept talking to each other and had many really beautiful moments, like our recent trip to Malaga.”

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“However, we have to admit that we still had doubts as a couple. Two years later, we had a feeling we had to make a final decision, which we did. We want to thank everyone who supported us on this beautiful journey: our family, our friends and you too. We want to let you know This ourselves.”