March 29, 2023

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CannaTommy writes his own recipe: Lemon Haze

CannaTommy writes his own recipe: Lemon Haze




For the past two weeks, CannaTommy has been enjoying our huge AK Choco Kush factory. Today, however, he’s starting new growth in his DGS Growth Fund, with Lemon Haze. As the germinating seeds grow slowly, Tommy once again describes what it means to be your doctor and patient at the same time in the Netherlands.

Just before this writing, new life has sprung up from Casa CannaTommy’s kitchen cabinet. Before you know it, the Dr. Green Special to delicious Lemon Haze from Amsterdam Genetics

Lemon Haze seeds sprout quickly with this warm weather. So it will take some time for everything to be arranged on time. Recently, in a report by Dr. Green, I read that there is no better cure for procrastination than just sprouting! You did, and then you have to keep going because the plants don’t wait for someone to take care of them sick.

Fortunately, Lemon Haze seedlings are now safe at Eazy Plugs. They will stand in front of the windowsill for a while and will soon be able to move to the DGS. This time spoil the ladies not only with food but also TA TrikoLogic S (the beneficial bacteria).

Not about roses…

This is always about flowers, but not always about roses. I’ve been sick for the past week and I think I contracted a virus…even my voice was gone, but luckily you don’t need it when writing a report.

Well, I’m not going to turn this into a depressive episode, because of course I’m not writing here for the backstory. On the other hand, through my reports, you can get a realistic glimpse into the life of a cannabis patient; Unfortunately, this week wasn’t great.

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my own doctor

With a rather rare disease, with the choice (and necessity) of natural medicines (in the Netherlands), you are basically on your own. You are your own doctor. So, the last recipe I gave myself was to eat more weed, cut back on kratom gradually, and gain a few pounds again.

My recent attempt to consult with an MDL doctor (Gastrointestinal Hepatology, Editor), meant I had to stop using cannabis for 6 weeks. Then I had no weight left, because our green friend very much cares about my appetite. As a result, I fight the symptoms myself (with cannabis) and keep trying everything, you automatically get creative.

I can’t imagine the quality of life without painkillers. Something better to see it differently. why? social acceptance. Now I catch myself: you can’t take it easily with you on vacation, for example, and you don’t “just” take it quickly either.

People who run daily on tablespoons full of prescribed medication, yet they fit well into the community’s frame of reference. The bottom line is that my health is unpredictable and fickle in all directions, so I struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Cannabis helps me a lot, but I continue to modify my plan a little.


Since I’ve had less weeds at my disposal in the past few months, I’ve started to get rid of them. In order to keep doing the things life demands of you on a daily basis, I also use cannabis kratom For pain management. Together they enter into cohabitation (reinforce each other). This has been going on for several years now and I am very happy to discover these plants.

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Until a few years ago, I had never heard of kratom myself. Of course I read a lot before I started anything. I now have a love and hate relationship with her. It started by drugging myself with 10 grams of kratom every day before breakfast. I was using 30g a day, but this is no longer enough due to tolerance (you need more and more).

AK Choco Kush in the volcano

Fortunately, I now feel the strong physical impact of AK Choco Kush† So it’s medically approved!

This strain does exactly what I was looking for: It’s the cannabis that makes me more stoned than high. I start with indica in the morning without any worries. Note: If you don’t have a built in tolerance, I think you’ll stay hostage on the couch for the rest of the day, or better: want to crawl back into bed! I suspect most people will consume this strain in the evening. However, if you have to conserve yourself a bit, as I do, it’s definitely a nice daytime squeeze, too.

AK Choco Kush gives me physical and mental relaxation. My senses were sharp and I felt good music intensely. Then I felt comfortable enough to write this report (lying). With enough of these soothing herbs, a tapering schedule and some perseverance, I’m convinced I’ll soon be able to live with this disease (Chronic Connective Tissue Disease, ed.) with cannabis, mindfulness and healthy eating.

harvest weight

Last week I cut AK Choco Kush. My scissors and gloves had a nice bonus attached to them. I collected a sticky layer of resin with a twig and turned it into a nice ball of hash. The scale showed that I have a total of 162 grams Harvested medicines. Looks very good: small but beautiful. Except for a banana and a seed here and there, it looks really cool and smells delicious! This strain has exactly what I was looking for: a powerful physical anesthetic effect.

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I’ve now been able to reduce my kratom use to 20 grams per day, and will continue to do so to 0. With pots full of herbs, I hope to gain and keep the weight back.

To save energy, and because it’s always a good idea to keep plans ahead, I’m considering a second Lumatek lamp and an RDWC for 8 large terminals. This has been my dream setup for ages, but unfortunately I haven’t had the space for that yet. Fortunately, this will soon change.


The older sister of the homemade system has become a large bush with a lot of buds. Last week I drank too much, I gave it flowering formula together with Ta Bloom Poster† Leaves can be peeled back so that the tops have more space.

We’ll be back next week with DGS and a new round of Lemon Haze!

Peace ✌️ CannaTommy