September 22, 2023

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Cannes win gives Lucas Donut wings: 'Close' has already been sold to 100 countries' |  Movie

Cannes win gives Lucas Donut wings: ‘Close’ has already been sold to 100 countries’ | Movie

Movie“Close” by director Lukas Dhont (31 years old) will soon be shown in at least 100 countries. The Ghent director’s film took home the top prize – a silver medal – at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday, which obviously doesn’t hurt him.

Lucas did not have enough time to recover from his victory. “Saturday night I finished one interview after another until 1:30, and then fortunately there was also time for a drink and a drink. Dansk Venue,” he laughs. “However, there weren’t many parties, but of course I wouldn’t complain about that. I am especially grateful that I won the ‘jackpot’ and was overwhelmed with so much enthusiasm. My cell phone went off after Saturday night and I have to admit I haven’t had time to answer all these messages yet. I also received a lot of positive feedback at the festival itself, including from actor Javier Bardem and Alfonso Cuarón (better known as “Roma” and Gravity, editor), one of my favorite directors. And of course my mother was very proud, too. She’s the first to give me a camera and she’s supported me through thick and thin all the time.”


This “document” – an intimate, but also tragic story about the friendship between two teenage boys – touched the nerve, as evidenced by the overwhelming interest from the outside. The film has already been sold in 100 countries, and therefore will be shown in almost all of Europe, the United States and much of Asia. “It’s absolutely extraordinary that things have gone so quickly after just one show,” says Dont. “Usually, this sale process is fairly gradual. It’s great that so many people believe in the movie Closing and are affected by the movie.”

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After a flight delay, Dont set foot on Belgian soil again on Monday evening. “I’m glad I can leave all the hectic stuff behind for a while,” he says. “I will take time to rest for the next few days. Tonight I will throw my smartphone aside and start cooking. Enjoying the ordinary, because the last few days have been surreal enough. (laughs)”

If you want to watch “Close”, you must go to Film Fest Gent. Dhont’s second longtime player opened the 49th edition of the festival on October 11.

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