May 19, 2022

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Capcom raises salaries by 30 percent – games – news

Capcom will increase the salaries of its employees by an average of 30 percent starting April 1, and will introduce a new reward system. The Japanese company sees salary increases as a strategic investment in its employees.

Capcom announces multiple changes to itsNurturing the relationship with employees† Part of the adjustments is an average salary increase of 30 percent. In addition, a bonus system will be introduced from April 1, which should reflect the company’s performance more than before.

Capcom is also making changes to human resources. This will consist of several parts, including a section that facilitates communication between the board of directors and employees. There will also be a Department of Health and Productivity Management, which focuses on improving the work environment. Capcom further states that it wants to improve productivity by hiring new employees and providing training.

The publisher of the Resident Evil and Monster Hunter series at the end of January reported record sales and profits for the third quarter ending December 31, 2021. The company is on track to achieve nine years of revenue growth and five consecutive years of record profits.

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