January 28, 2023

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Capture nature’s beauty in peace: “A world truly opens up to you”

Many people have begun to discover nature thanks to the halo. with the camera. Ronald van Wijk has been photographing for some time and on the website noordhollandseduinen.nl you can see how beautiful our nature can be. The key to a beautiful image according to Ronald: “Time. You have to make time to get out and walk around in the right light. Look. Find peace to see what’s out there.” Of course North Holland go to the dunes with Ronald and take a look at some of his best pictures.

Drifting dunes near Schoorl. Ronald van Wijk

As we drive down the dunes, down Bergen aan Zee, the sun has not yet fully risen. “This is a nice view,” says Ronald, “but it doesn’t provide a usable image. The sky is a nice blue, but the dunes are still dark. In the image it becomes one dark spot.” A little later the sun rises over the trees and it becomes immediately clear what Ronald means. “Sunlight now gives more depth to the landscape. You can see the highlights and the dark spots: it’s alive.”

Two Blues from Icarus. Ronald van Wijk

The photo with two shared blues is a lucky shot. “But happiness doesn’t just happen to you,” says Ronald. “I decide to sit in a place where some butterflies are flying. I take my time: I sit and watch. And then suddenly you see them. I lay on the ground to get a perspective of the flower-bud that the butterflies are sitting on. If I had stopped, the picture would have been completely different.”

Watch Natural North Holland’s full broadcast below.

230121 1711 – North Holland Natural – 84 – NH News

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Ronald knows the most beautiful places in North Holland. The fact that it works in the landscape of North Holland is of course an advantage. “I was really into nature. But when you’re outside with a camera and you take the time for it, the world really opens up to you. The colors come alive.” We stand by a fallen tree as Ronald observes closely how the colors of bark, mosses and lichens come together almost to form an abstract painting.

Two frogs in the dune lagoon. Ronald van Wijk

The image of two frogs mating in a lake of dunes is a very literal example of the frog perspective. Also for this photo, I lay on my stomach next to the water. When the frogs are mating, there is a lot of movement in the water, they chase each other. In this still photo, the water seems to be lying as a kind of veil on the lower road. A beautiful moment captured in a photo, Because I was there at the right time.”