December 8, 2023

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Cardano DEX SundaeSwap blijft kampen met problemen voor gebruikers

Cardano DEX SundaeSwap continues to encounter problems with users » Crypto Insiders

A few days ago, it was finally time. the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX), SundaeSwap, launched in Cardano (ADA) network. The price of Cardano reacted almost immediately and rose slightly. However, DEX did not roll out smoothly. Soon there were voices from users that everything was not working properly. After a few days, these issues still seem unresolved.

Sunday – Cardano swap

DEX should allow users to trade, share and borrow in tokens at a negligible price. However, it soon became apparent that many users were unable to transact through the SundaeSwap site at all.

It later turned out that this was caused by Grid somewhat overburdened used to be. This is confirmed by Input output, the company behind the development of Cardano Network. This was, of course, the result of the huge anticipation surrounding the release of the first DEX on Cardano.

Problems persist

It seems after a few days that the problems have not been resolved at all. At least 48 hours after the launch of SundaeSwap, users reported that major network problems still exist.

Some users on Twitter say they have to wait 12-16 hours before the transaction is finally processed. One user even mentioned that he lost about $70,000 due to the faltering network.

SundaeSwap has now added a new functionality that ensures users can cancel an order before it is finally processed. Since prices fluctuate greatly at the moment, this is an important function in times of network overload.

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Despite the necessary problems, the launch of SundeaSwap was actually a resounding success. Because of the first functional DEX, there is already a file 82 million dollars Attached to the Cardano ecosystem. This means an increase of 86.6% in just 24 hours!