June 8, 2023

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Care, education, and day care centers account for the most cases of corona since December

Care, education, and day care centers account for the most cases of corona since December

The largest number of injuries in recent weeks was recorded in the care, education and nurseries sector. This is evidenced by a new report by Professor of Occupational Medicine Lode Godderis (KU Leuven and IDEWE). The three sectors have been responsible for the most infections since December.

The report covers the period from February 22 to March 7. The different sectors can be compared with each other on the basis of data from the Sciensano Health Institute, linked with data from Social Security and from contact tracing. The figures are presented based on the fourteen-day infection rate, that is, the number of infections per 100,000 people.

Ski vacation

Godderis says the results are in line with expectations. Sectors where there is close contact with other people, such as health care and nurseries, are still responsible for the largest number of infections. Where there were more casualties in primary and secondary education before the end of the year, this has been the case for higher education since the end of exams. “So we’re seeing the impact of the new semester and the ski vacation in February.”

working population

In the total working population, the incidence during the measured period was 1,051. In the previous period, from February 8 to 21, the infection rate was still 1,701. So the decline in the number of infections continues in the working population, but the rate of decline is slowing down. In the general population, the infection rate during this period is 795. So there are still more viruses circulating in the working population than in the general population.

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A striking finding from the report comes from the chemical industry, which ranked sixth in the list of the most affected sectors. In the previous report, this industry ended up in 11th place. According to Professor Goodris, the increase is due to a group outbreak, and not due to specific working conditions. “A sector with relatively few casualties that tackles a group can make a big impact quickly.”

Finally, data from contact tracing indicate an increase in the number of infections in some sectors. It suggests that change has begun. According to Godderis, it is still appropriate to be vigilant, vigilant, and continue to enforce public health rules.

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