November 29, 2023

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Care First: E-Health is finally implemented within the care offer

Care First: E-Health is finally implemented within the care offer

The TeleCheck-AF eHealth app is developed by cardiologists from Maastricht UMC +†The method and companion application, Fibricheck, are now used standard in patients with atrial fibrillation and other supraventricular arrhythmias. Patients measure their heart rhythm via the app. The measurement data is automatically and securely sent to the cardiologist, who analyzes the results and provides treatment advice from a distance, via phone or video call consultation.

VGZ reimburses the costs of the eHealth application

As mentioned earlier, the use of e-health apps is by no means new. To date, however, the application of remote care methods has remained largely experimental, part of research projects and without structural agreements on reimbursement by health insurers. The agreement between MUMC+ and VGZ on Telecheck-AF’s structural compensation is the first for the Netherlands.

It is still a local agreement between the hospital and the health insurance company. However, NZa has now honored this agreement through a settlement. This provides scope so that other hospitals can also easily enter into agreements with the health insurance company(s) about this form of digital care.

The development and implementation of TeleCheck-AF is the largest project in the field of digital care in the Corona crisis in Europe. Currently, 41 centers – with more than 4,000 patients – are participating and are using the Fibricheck app for this purpose. MUMC + is the initiator and initiator, but is now also the first hospital in Europe to have specific agreements on financing, thanks to the good and close cooperation with VGZ”, says MUMC + cardiologist Dominic Lenz.

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The Fibricheck app, which is part of TeleCheck-AF, is developed in Belgium. The company has also been working with Fitbit for a long time. together advanced It’s actually an app that closely monitors the heart’s rhythm via a smartwatch.

Significant savings in healthcare costs

The use of e-health applications offers many advantages. The arguments known here have been reviewed many times and range from fewer physical hospital visits for patients to a lower workload for healthcare staff. E-health and digital (teleport) applications in general are an important factor in the goal of maintaining affordable and accessible healthcare in the future.

In addition, e-health applications can also lead to structural savings in healthcare costs. This was calculated for remote checking AF. Nationwide, there are approximately 142,000 patients who visit a cardiologist annually and are eligible to use TeleCheck-AF. If all other hospitals were to use TeleCheck-AF, a saving of approximately €24 million in healthcare costs could be possible, as calculated by MUMC+ and VGZ.

“The modus operandi developed by MUMC+ is a very good example of digitally affordable care and therefore we see it as ‘good practice’. Thanks to this move and thanks to the close collaboration between MUMC+ and VGZ, the modus operandi can be expanded to other hospitals and in the near future more of our members will be able to Use this innovative care,” says Nils van Herpen, Healthcare Innovation Manager at VGZ.