November 30, 2022

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Carnival breaks down at school: I couldn't sleep

Carnival breaks down at school: I couldn’t sleep


Bimel – dressed children with happy faces. It was possible for the last time in 2020 and now – two years later – it is allowed again. Children at De Regenboog Primary School in Bemmel rejoice over the moon.

At nine in the morning, the children stormed the elementary school staircase. Lego doll, princesses, Harry Potter figures, boys and girls dressed as firefighters or police officers. They meet in the central room of the school.

The carnival explodes again after two years at this school in Bimmel.

“I didn’t know it was today”

Carnival Prince Floris Renin walks in space with Carnival Princess, Issa Elfrink. Issa says: I thought it was exciting. “I slept so well because I didn’t know today was the day.”

I could not sleep

“I couldn’t sleep because of it,” Giggs says. He wears a chicken costume. “I miss being with friends and celebrating this, just to celebrate.” This also applies to others. Lindy and Ann dress as conjoined twins, they say laughing in unison.

“Very happy that this is possible again”

“Today it’s not about who has the coolest suit, but about acting crazy and having fun,” says Rick. “I’m a Harry Potter fan and often re-watch movies. That’s why I dress like this today,” Tara says. Her friend Jade also wears the same clothes.

“I’m so happy that’s possible. We thought two weeks ago: If we could wave to each other in the field, that would be cool,” says one of the kids’ carnival atmospheric makers. “Look, now we can all celebrate together. That’s cool, isn’t it?”

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