February 6, 2023

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Catch up on the live broadcast later: Vanzier missing with a knee problem at Union, Toronarega fit in just in time at AA Gent | Sketch Cup 2022/2023

Cup holders AA Gent will head to the Etihad tonight in the Croky Cup quarter-finals. Will the buffaloes remain on their way to winning the cup for the second time in a row, or will Al-Ittihad move to the semi-finals? You can follow the match live here from 8.45pm.

  1. In advance, at 8:11 p.m. I’ll be able to use all of my benches today. It will be a real cup match. Heine Vanheisbroek.
  2. Advance at 20:09. Al-Ittihad is unbeaten in all competitions in 12 consecutive matches. Just like AA Gent, it remains active on three fronts. For one of the two clubs that is not the case after tonight. .
  3. Advance at 20:07. Dante Fanzier has some problems with his knee. He’s not 100% and so unfortunately he wasn’t present tonight. Charles Gerarts.
  4. Advance at 20:05. AA Gent: Nardi, Okumu, Ngadeu, Torunarigha, Samoise, Fofana, Nurio, Kums, Odjidja, Hong, Depoitre. Union: Morris, Newcube, Candos, Borges, Machida, Lenin, Toma, Amani, Adingra, Nelson, and Boniface. .
  5. Advance, 7:59 p.m. La Fanzere in the Union. After 3-1 against “big brother” Anderlecht, Karel Gerarts was forced to tinker with his team. Surprisingly, Dante Vanzeir (because of Transferitis?) is not in picking a match. Captain Teoma will return to the team in the Brussels midfield instead of El-Azzouzi. At the back Machida takes Van der Heyden’s place. .
  6. Up front, at 7:42 p.m., Torunarigha plays anyway, Cuypers on the Ghent bench. Jordan Torunarega regained his fitness in time for the match against Al-Ittihad. He appeared to have major problems with his ankle to play tonight, but he still started the game alongside teammates Nejdeo and Okumu. & nbsp; Up front, Vanhaezebrouck relies on Depoitre to score goals, and the Cuypers start on the Ghent bench. .
  7. In advance, 19:36. 4 is still absent in Ghent. Hein Vanhaezebrouck still can’t count on Tarik Tissoudali against Al Ittihad. The Moroccan has not yet recovered from a serious knee injury. Lemajic (adductors), Hanche-Olsen (shoulder), and Hjulsager (hamstring) are also absent tonight. Behind the name Torunarigha (only) is another question mark. .
  8. Up front, at 12 noon 10. Twice in a row for KAA Gent? With Ghent, Union will soon have the cup holders on the ground. Since 1996 a team has managed to win the cup two years in a row. Buffaloes certainly understand that. & nbsp; Matisse Samoise: “We already talked about it in the players’ group. It’s an extra motivator, just like the fact that we’re defending the cup”. .
  9. In advance at 12:21 pm and in the previous match against Al-Ittihad we had no chance. We didn’t do things right at the time and didn’t show our teeth either. Union is also just a strong team. But we shouldn’t look at that match, now we’re in a different period. Gent coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck.
  10. In advance, at 12:20. Our goal is clear: we want to get as far as possible in the cup. The match can go both ways, because Ghent is a good team. Supporting the home audience will definitely help us. Union coach Karel Gerarts.
  11. In advance at 12.00 noon. Union-AA Gent will be the last quarter-finalist of the Croquet Cup tonight. Who will soon join the final four? We’ll be watching it step by step here from 8.45pm. .
  12. Before 12 noon 18
  13. Union preparation. Anthony Morris, Ismail Kundous, Christian Burgess, Koki Machida, Bart Neukopp, Seni Lenin, Lazar Amani, Teddy Touma, Simon Adingra, Victor Boniface, Dante Fanzier
  14. Prepared by KAA Gent. Paul Nardi, Joseph Okumu, Michael Ngadyo Ngadji, Jordan Torunariga, Matthys Samuis, Sven Combs, Vadis Ojidja Ofoe, Hong Hyun-seok, Norio, Laurent Depoitre, Malik Fofana
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