December 7, 2023

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CD & V rejects Minister Debendaele's plan: "Half a billion social housing cannot be transferred to private projects"

CD & V rejects Minister Debendaele’s plan: “Half a billion social housing cannot be transferred to private projects”

Dependail wants to provide half a billion euros to construction promoters in negative interest loans. Building promoters must then rent the homes they are building for a fixed rent, which must be below the price in the housing market.

But CD&V is not in its favour. Flemish Deputy Prime Minister Hilde Krivitz (CD&V) said in Het Nieuwsblad that the money should be used for social housing because waiting lists are very large. She said that about 170,000 families are still waiting for social housing.

She also finds it strange that the money is being funneled at a time when there is a major reform of social housing companies.

“Moreover, this also goes against the Flemish coalition agreement,” Flemish MP Vera Jans (CD&V) concluded. “It was agreed on this topic and Minister Debendaele agreed. It is already possible for the private sector to build houses and then turn them into social heritage. I suggest we make better use of this system.”

The Flemish Cabinet is scheduled for later today, and there is a good chance that a lively discussion on the subject will follow.

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