July 25, 2024

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CEMI Reaches 1 Million Followers on Youtube

CEMI Reaches 1 Million Followers on Youtube


Céline Dept (22) and Michiel Callebaut (26) have something to celebrate. The couple has reached 1 million subscribers through their YouTube channel CEMI. This makes them the first Flemish couple to achieve this.

Together they form one of the most popular YouTube channels in Flanders. As usual, the video platform will soon give them a golden play button, which each channel will get once they cross 1 million followers. “We want to thank you all for all the support and love. To the two million!” she wrote on Instagram.

However, they are not the first Flemish YouTubers to reach over 1 million followers. The Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike channel has around 5 million and the Flemish Presstube channel has nearly 3 million.

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Celine and Michelle have been a couple since 2018. A year later, they started a joint YouTube channel, after Celine caused a stir on Tiktok mainly. She now has 12 million followers. On Youtube, they mainly share vlogs and challenges, at the same time they have linked a whole series of merchandise to their names. From clothes and jewelry to books.

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