November 29, 2023

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Cercle Brugge zet KVK Tienen makkelijk opzij en kwalificeert zich voor volgende ronde Croky Cup

Cercle Brugge puts KVK Tienen aside and qualifies…

KVK Tienen also could not produce a surprise in the 1/16 finals of the Croky Cup. Cercle Brugge fully turned around, but never had to over speed. In a humble football match, the Lions and Greens never had problems against the brave but harmless visitors, who managed to limit the damage.

An accident does not come alone. Due to flooding in the area, Tienen has had to play home games at Stayen for a few months now. And then just that you get that far in the cup and you can take home the first division team. However, Tienen had to go to Bruges, not to the Club but to Cercle, where the fans only had to pay 5 euros to get in. About 1,500 people before the upgrade, two buses came from Tenen. They’ve been in a traffic jam for a long time, just like the team bus, which arrived at Jan Briddle stadium very late.

Terry Osei-Berkoe was able to show them the way. His father was a Cercle fashion pioneer in the ’90s, and Terry himself went through the youth ranks at Club Brugge. Berkoe junior ended up in Tienen this summer after a few detours. However, it was not possible to show himself again, because Berkoe was replaced already in the first half. Circle was already leading 2-0 at the time. It didn’t take much effort. Yves Vanderhaye had made nine substitutions, and the First Division team had a head coach against the first national. Matondo could have scored early, but he wouldn’t succeed until half an hour later. Goalkeeper Bouziane didn’t look his best in Otkos’ cross and Dinke finally managed to score again. Matondo did it shortly before the break and it was already clear that there was absolutely no surprise in his making.

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Photo: BELGA

The second half was a measure of something. It can also be easy for Cercle. Tenen tried, but there was no danger. Substitutions had already begun when substitute Kassaert took a corner kick and cleared all doubts: 3-0. Meanwhile, Circle noted that Westerlo was leading 2-0 against Antwerp at the time. He visits The Great Old on Sundays and Cercle can put the points to good use. But then it has to be played more intensely than in this cup match.

Bruges: Warlison, Utkus (61′ Cassaert), Popovic, Mienig, Decoster, Lopez, Vanhout (61′ Van der Bruggen), Matondo (61′ Hotek), Velkovsky (78′ Accs), Deman, Dinke (68′ AC Milan)

You have: Pozyan, Claes (61 Strois), Varenne, Meos, Jochmanns (61 Vos), Spinhoven, Singh, Kempeneres, Bercow (46′ Mputo), Yagan, Lloris (80′ Quinen)

Objectives: 32′ Dinky 1-0, 44′ Matondo 2-0, 64′ Cassaert 3-0

yellow cards: 9 ‘Birko 39’ Utkus 53 ‘Yagan

red cards: No