December 8, 2022

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Cercle Brugge turns Eupen into firewood and climbs to safer places |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Cercle Brugge turns Eupen into firewood and climbs to safer places | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 44′ – Penalty kick goal – Steve Peters (3-1)
  2. 39′ – Goal – Ayase Ueda (3-0)
  3. 30′ – Goal – Thibaut Sommers (2-0)
  4. 25′ – Goal – Kevin Dinke (1-0)
  1. 86′ – Goal – Kevin Dinke (5-1)
  2. 80′ – Yellow – Ron Baishuis
  3. 80′ – Followed by Olivier Deman by Dimitar Vilkowski
  4. 78′ – Continued Intel Van Gensten by Gary Magni
  5. 77′ – Goal – Kevin Dinke (4-1)
  6. 76′ – yellow – Christian Ravic
  7. 74′ – Followed by Leonardo da Silva Lopez by Hannes van der Bruggen
  8. 74 ‘- Follow Ayase Ueda composed by Yan Gboho
  9. 73′ – Tibo Sommers follow Christian Ravic
  10. 73′ – Follow Reagan Charles Cook by Conan Ndrick
  11. 73′ – Followed by Isaac Nuho by Nathan Petomazala
  12. 72′ – Penalty missed – Dino Hotic
  13. 62′ – Charles Vanhout continued to Abi Francis
  14. 59′ – Yellow – Thibaut Somers
  15. 49′ – Yellow – James Jeju

Circle Brugge did a good job in the relegation battle. Direct competitor yupin eats skin and hair: 5-1. With three pointers Cercle climbing out of the drop zone, Denkey was the star in the hat. “It was 0 across the board,” Steve Peters was furious after the defeat.

Circle Bruges – Eupen in a nutshell:

  • important moment: If there is still a bit of doubt after Hutich’s missed penalty, Dinke takes it all away with a 4-1 result and his second of the evening.
  • man of the match: Kevin Dinke It was a disaster for Eupen as a forward, forward (1 assist) and as a finalist (3 goals).
  • noticeable: In his first 8 matches, Circle scored 3 goals, and in the last 4 matches he scored 12 goals. What a transformation.
  • statisticsThis is Circle’s first win in five home games against Eupin. The previous four were always missing.

Dominant Cercle Brugge doesn’t give Eupen any chance

Cercle Brugge and Joppen stood side by side in the relegation zone and both coaches gave one piece of advice to their players: Don’t lose.

Moslick’s forces understood this well. Circle grabbed Euben’s throat, but Ueda fired 1-0 at the post. The postponement wasn’t an adjustment, because it went fast all of a sudden in the middle of the first half.

First, Dinke was in the right place to rebound, a little later Sommers followed up well and in the 39th minute Ueda was in the right place: 3-0 and Yobin was exhausted on the grass.

Dinky works on his stats with the treble

Circle for a moment threatened to shoot him in the foot. After an unnecessary interference by Marceline, Peters put Eupen back into the match with a superb penalty kick: 3-1 in the first half.

After the break, Cercle Brugge dominated the match. Eupen was not in a position to hold back Cercle’s defenses. In the end it was a heavy defeat for Eupen, because Denkey managed to achieve a hat-trick after two great goals: 5-1.

Thanks to the win, Cercle Brugge controls 6 out of 9 and leaves the relegation zone behind. Eupen does not have this luxury. He remains penultimate and sees Zolt Vargem the Red Lantern approaching a certain point. It will be a long bus ride to the eastern provinces.

Steve Peters: ‘The mentality beats us’

  • Bernd Stork (Coach Yobin): “What’s the difference today? Goals. Our preparations were good, we knew how Circle would play. We had to win the fencers for the second ball, but we failed. This is very unfortunate in our team” situation. Fortunately, we have a new match on Tuesday. We have to stay positive and focus on the next match.”
  • Steve Peters (Yobin): “It was zero across the board. We were out of the mentality and couldn’t claim a point or more at any point.”
  • Olivier Deman (Circle Brugge): “It’s time for us to start collecting points and we did it convincingly today. But we can’t start floating now. Against Syring we start again from scratch and we have to give everything.”
  1. Second half, 91st minute. End: 5-1. Ref. Lambrechts Whistles. Cercle made firewood for Eupen and, thanks to the victory, left the landing zone behind. .
  2. The second half, the 91st minute, the game is over
  3. The second half, the 90th minute. Three times is magic, but not tonight. In one attack, Ghoho, Denkey, and Van der Bruggen can withdraw, but each time Moser gets in the way. .
  4. The second half, the 88th minute. Cercle Brugge supporters made their voices heard. Of course they have something to celebrate the three points and the way they are. This is a blow to Eupen. .
  5. The second half, the 86th minute. Goal: 5-1. Kevin Dinke cements his Man of the Match nomination. lashes out of sixteen. The ball flies great in the top corner. .
  6. A goal during the second half, the 86th minute, by Kevin Dinke from Circle Brugge. 5, 1.
  7. The second half, the 84th minute. The match goes on until the end. Eupen is no longer in a position to caution Cercle and is no longer essential to the home team. .
  8. The second half, the 82nd minute. The ball enters the goal and Cercle Brugge fans cheer, but the Francis concert is cancelled. The ball was already over the goal line before Dinke’s cross. .
  9. Yellow card for Ron Baishuis (KAS Eupen) during the second half, 80th minute
  10. Second half, 80th minute. Substitution in Cercle Brugge, Dimitar Vilkowski inside, Olivier Demann outside
  11. new injury. Cercle Brugge’s caretakers have to work for their money today. Now they have to come to the field for Deman. The left winger could no longer continue and was replaced by Vilikovsky. . Second half, 78th minute.
  12. Second half, minute 78. Substitution in KAS Eupen, Gary Magnée inside, Yentl Van Genechten outside
  13. The second half, the 77th minute. Goal: 4-1. There is a 4-1 anyway. Hotic guides Denkey through the offside trap and Cercle’s attacker finds the farthest corner from a sharp corner. It’s his second goal of the evening. & nbsp; .
  14. A goal during the second half, the 77th minute, by Kevin Dinke, player of Circle Brugge. 4, 1.
  15. Second half, 76th minute Substitute Ravic handed over his calling card right away, but not in the right way. He was too late to intervene and was properly held under his nose. .
  16. Yellow card for Cercle Brugge player Christian Ravic during the second half, 76th minute
  17. The second half, minute 74. Substitutions in Cercle Brugge, Hans van der Bruggen, and Leonardo da Silva Lopes.
  18. The second half, the 74th minute. Substitution in Cercle Brugge, and Jan Gboho entered, and Ayase Ueda entered.
  19. Second half, minute 74. Both coaches think this is a signal to bring in some new forces: we see 2 substitutions in Eupen and 3 in Cercle. .
  20. Second half, minute 73. Substitution in Cercle Brugge, Christian Ravic inside, Thibaut Sommers outside
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