December 2, 2022

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Champions League Final: "At a certain moment, Real ran out of luck, right?"  † Platform

Champions League Final: “At a certain moment, Real ran out of luck, right?” † Platform

Tomorrow, the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final will be re-released on the program in Paris. Will we also get the same winner? Peter Vandenbett and Aster Nzyimana at the star duel between Liverpool and Real Madrid on The Di Tribune podcast.

In 2018, the two teams already faced each other in the Champions League final. How will this final differ from the one it was 4 years ago?

“Liverpool are now better than they were in 2018 and Real are less than they were then,” says Peter Vandenbet of De Tribune. “The balance of power in the context of PSG and Real City. As far as I’m concerned, Liverpool are the favorites.”

Can Real come back against Liverpool as they did against Paris Saint-Germain and City?

“I don’t know if a poltergeist in the Bernabeu can travel,” Vandenbet says. “All the great Real Madrid comebacks have taken place in Madrid. Once they are away from that magical mythical home in Madrid, can they still be helped by the higher forces?”

“After Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and City, such a scenario cannot happen for the fourth time, right?” Nziyimana asks out loud. “Liverpool seems to me to be much stronger on their feet, thanks in part to the ‘Klopp spirit’ right next to the touchline.”

This will be the final match between the two mentally strong teams in the world.

Aster Nziyimana

Rodrygo scored two goals in extra time in the semi-finals.

Liverpool had to battle Wolverhampton last weekend in the Premier League to score one last goal in the title. Real Madrid were crowned Spanish champions a few weeks ago and can rest on their laurels. advantage of the Spaniards?

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“I’m curious what would be the best preparation for such a final,” Vandenbet said. “Like Liverpool being pushed for weeks until the last day of the match or like Real Madrid in a relaxed mode for a few weeks?”

“For me, this will be the final match between the two mentally strong teams in the world,” Nziyimana said. “That would make it equally exciting. In the 2019 final when Liverpool scored a penalty two minutes later against Tottenham, that match was already already over. This match will never end.”

Tomorrow, Liverpool will play the Champions League final for the third time in five years.

At some point the rial’s “luck” has to run out, right?

Peter Vandenpet

Finally, the obligatory round of making predictions is also inevitable. Who will raise the cup and the big ears in the air tomorrow?

“I think Liverpool will win the final,” Vandenbet said. “At some point, Real Madrid’s ‘luck’ has to run out, right?”

“We must also thank Real Madrid for the beautiful moments they gave us again in the Champions League. They were certainly not the best team, but they are the team we will remember for the longest.”

Nzimana concluded his speech by saying: “I am also leaning towards Liverpool.” “Real have won the mental wrestling match in the last three rounds, but Liverpool is not a team that you can be young like.”

Listen to the full episode of De Tribune here