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Chance of fans towards Cahors?  “If they want to, things will go to the side anyway.” |  Tour de France 2022

Chance of fans towards Cahors? “If they want to, things will go to the side anyway.” | Tour de France 2022

Tour de France: Stage 19

road racing road racingdistance: after 188.3 how much
your location 13:10: Castelnau-Magnoac – 17:27: Cahors


The peloton has now finally conquered the high mountains, and today there are other opportunities on the tour for pirates or runners. The 188 km stage can be continued from Castelnau-Magnoac to Cahors from 1.10pm.

  1. 12 hours 18. What’s left in my locker after three days in the Pyrenees? This is a big question for me too. Fabio Jacobsen (Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl).
  2. 12 hours 15. On this trip we crossed the mountains. Paris is already on the horizon. I didn’t have to go to extremes and that could play to my advantage. Jasper Philipsin (Albicin-Deaconinc).
  3. The time is 12:00. The Pyrenees are more easily overtaken than the Alps. I feel good and have fewer problems than other runners. I look forward to the enemy’s upcoming opportunities with great confidence. Today, the sloping access lane suits me, too. Caleb Ewan (Loto Soudal).
  4. fans? Wind can play a leading role towards Cahors today. It comes off the side all day long and that could make for an encouraging spectacle. . It’s 12 noon 11.
  5. 12 09. Yesterday I was in a panic, but I finally finished on the quick set of steps. Today will be very fast again, the wind is on the side. Fans can certainly. Guillaume van Kerspolk (Albicin Dekunin).
  6. It’s 12 noon 04. Yesterday we managed to get Jacobsen to the finish line very quickly. There will be a lot of attacks today, and it will not be easy to control them. However, we will try to proceed with the escape as well. Yves Lambert (Quick Step Alpha Phenyl).
  7. 11:00 48. 1994: Durand wins the tricolere. In the past, Cahors was only one place to arrive on the Tour. In 1994, French champion Jacques Durand won his tricolor after a race of more than 150 kilometres. & nbsp; Will we also get a scenario like this today or will sprint teams control everything? .
  8. Fast faster the fastest! 11 am 24.
  9. How green Wouts become green? 10 am 15.
  10. 8h56 Two bumps all the way, slightly sloping finish. The two points that must be overcome today are in succession in the last 50 kilometres. The Côte de Lauzere has an average slope of 6.2% and a length of 2 km. Côte de Saint-Daunès is slightly shorter at 1.6 kilometres, the gradient (6.3%) comparable. Not unimportant for runners: the last straight line at the place of arrival Cahors is a little uphill. .
  11. 08 h 56.
  12. 08:51. It’s up to the runners again. Although there are still 2 Category 4 colletjes on the list today, the heavy climbing has been done on this tour since yesterday. On the trip to Cahors, there will be opportunities for runners again. Follow the course live this afternoon from 13.10. .

ride Date Riding type Beginning of the End the total winner leader
1 Single time trial Copenhagen – Copenhagen 13.2 km Lambert Lambert
2 road racing Roskilde – Nyborg 199.2 km Jacobsen from art
3 road racing Vejle – Sonderborg 182 km green roads from art
4 road racing Dunkirk – Calais 171.5 km from art from art
5 road racing Lille – Arenberg 157 km Clark from art
6 road racing Bench – Longue 219.9 km Pojakar Pojakar
7 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Tomblin – La Planche des Belles Filles 176.3 km Pojakar Pojakar
8 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Dole – Lausanne 186.3 km from art Pojakar
9 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Eagle – Chatelaw 192.9 km the jungle Pojakar
10 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Morzine – Megève 145.1 km Kurt Pojakar
11 road racingmountain stage Albertville – Col de Granon 151.7 km Vingguard Vingguard
12 road racingmountain stage Briancon – Alpes d’Huez 165.1 km Bidcock Vingguard
13 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Le Bourg-d’Oisans – Saint-Etienne 192.6 km Pedersen Vingguard
14 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Saint-Etienne – Mendia 192.5 km Matthews Vingguard
15th road racingsemi-mountainous stage Rodez – Carcassonne 202.5 km philipsin Vingguard
16 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Carcassonne – Foix 178.5 km huh Vingguard
17 road racingmountain stage Saint-Gaudens – Pyragodes 129.7 km Pojakar Vingguard
18 road racingmountain stage Lourdes – Otakam 143.2 km Vingguard Vingguard
19 road racing Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors 188.3 km
20 Single time trial La Capel Marival – Rocamadour 40.7 km
21 road racing Paris La Defense Stadium – Paris 115.6 km
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