December 8, 2022

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Changing strength in title battle: Vanaken takes Klopp lead, Union sad after Vanzer misses penalty |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Changing strength in title battle: Vanaken takes Klopp lead, Union sad after Vanzer misses penalty | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

The cards suddenly became completely different. Club Brugge sacked Al-Ittihad this afternoon in a disguised summit for the leadership position. Fifteen minutes before the end, Hans Vanaken scored with a header after Dante Vanzer missed a penalty fifteen minutes earlier. Top talent Antonio Nossa scored the score 0-2 in stoppage time. Can the union return on Wednesday in Jan Bridle?

Al Ittihad – Club Brugge in a nutshell:

  • important momentA little before the hour, Lazar lays down after a light contact with Michel. The referee is relentless and takes the ball in place. Vanzer thinks his moment has come but misses the penalty. Fifteen minutes later Vanaken gave Club Brugge the lead and that didn’t give Blue and Black a hand anymore.
  • man of the matchClub Brugge can thank goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. The Red Devil didn’t have to save any unexpected saves, but held 0 for the third time in a row in the Champions Qualifiers.
  • noticeable: The moment of truth has come, but after that, forwards Deniz Ondev and Dante Vanzer didn’t give home. Incidentally, this is the first time this season that Union cannot score two games in a row and this is due to the lower level their strikers are at.

The best chances for Al-Ittihad in the intense first half

The random action between Union and Club Brugge began in the sunny, sweltering Duden Park. A dual start that would steer the title fight in an ultimate (?) direction.

Both teams gave a lot of smiles and struggles in the early stages. After a fierce chase, union captain Toma was rightly given a yellow card, Lazar and Balanta visited each other after another wrestling match.

It was the home team’s best chance, as Touma tested Mignolet’s reflexes with a powerful shot from close range. The club’s goalkeeper also had to interfere with the attempts of Labusin and Undav, but he always solved everything without any problems.

Just before the break, the goal could have been scored on the other side. Burgess actually lost an air duel to Lang, but the Dutchman was unable to score the opening goal for Admian.

Vanzer misses a penalty, Vanaken scores

Both teams had already used up plenty of fuel reserves before the break, and the second half got off to a rough start. Just before the hour, Duden Park exploded when Lazare was gently tapped by Mechele. The ball is gone right away.

Dante Vanzier had hoped to give Union the lead, but succumbed to the pressure. The striker at lightning speed saw his attempt go away from the post, a large damper for the home team.

And Klopp eagerly took advantage of it. Substitute Skov Olsen found Vanaken’s next header 15 minutes from the end, which left Maurice without a chance: 0-1.

The tired Al Ittihad had no more chances and in the final, young substitute Noosa decided the match. Club Brugge will jump to the top of the Champions League qualifiers, but Al Ittihad will already have a chance of revenge at Jan Breedel Stadium on Wednesday.

Undav: ‘The pressure on Wednesday is huge now’

Vanaken: “The loss of the penalty crept into their heads and gave us a boost”

Labusin: “We will remember the positive and try to correct it in the next match”

Nielsen: “Very disappointed, but we have to look forward”

  1. The End, 3pm 27. The club is taking a big step towards the title! It continues 0-2 for Noosa, but it just doesn’t matter anymore. Club Brugge defeats the Union and takes the place of the leader among the inhabitants of Brussels. Shortly after the break, Vanzer missed a penalty, but Vanaken finished off a Skov Olsen cross on the other side. Wed we get the return in Bruges! & nbsp; †
  2. The second half, the 99th minute, the game is over
  3. Second half, 99th minute.
  4. A goal during the second half, the 98th minute, by Antonio Nossa from Club Brugge. 0, 2.
  5. The second half, the 97th minute. Still the goal! No idea how referee Visser will decide, but the Noosa party is going on anyway. Mitoma also does not get a red card. & nbsp; †
  6. Red for Mitoma. What else will we see? After a corner kick the ball dangles, but Francois was unable to score it on goal. Then he quickly goes the other way as Mitoma beats a broken Skov Olsen, but Noosa seems to make it 0-2. The assistant raises his flag for offside. † Second half, 96th minute.
  7. The second half, the 96th minute. A final corner kick for the home team. All or nothing! †
  8. Yellow card for Edward Sobol from Club Brugge during the second half, 96th minute
  9. The second half, the 95th minute. Labusin is looking for Mitoma, who deals hard with Buchanan. Mitoma with nosebleeds, Buchanan is examined for a concussion. & nbsp; †
  10. The second half, the 92nd minute. By the way, 6 minutes have been added, but at the moment it does not seem that we will have much more chances. & nbsp; †
  11. The second half, the 92nd minute. Nsuki’s comment. Bad luck for Club Brugge, because after a quarrel with Deniz Undav, Stanley Nsoki got yellow. Thus, the defender will be suspended from Wednesday’s match. †
  12. Yellow card for Al-Ittihad player Deniz Undev during the second half, 91st minute
  13. Yellow card for Stanley Nsuki (Club Brugge) during the second half, 91st minute
  14. Morris keeps the union in the game. The books could almost have been closed in Duden Park, but of course the home team can still count on Anthony Moris. The goalkeeper unloads the baggage with a great show from Skov Olsen. † Second half, 89th minute.
  15. The second half, the 89th minute. Substitution in Union, Ismail Kandous inside, Dante Vanzier outside.
  16. The second half, the 87th minute. Lang comes out after a strong match, and Minor Noosa has to complete the match. & nbsp; †
  17. The second half, the 87th minute. Substitution in Club Brugge, Antonio Nossa inside, Noa Lang outside
  18. The second half, the 86th minute. Vanzer and Undav wanted. Mitoma has space and can pick a player in the penalty area, but Vanzer and Undav are nowhere to be seen. Al-Ittihad, of course, will not score any other goals. & nbsp; †
  19. The second half, the 82nd minute. It is the union that is now allowed to play football, and the club is waiting for the counterattack. Some doubts have crept into the home team, the fans also have to swallow and that is understandable of course. & nbsp; †
  20. Second half, 79th minute. A substitution in Union, Kasper Kozlovsky out, Jonas Bagger out
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