November 29, 2022

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Charleroi and Genk shared the points after three goals and one goal disallowed

Charleroi and Genk shared the points after three goals and one goal disallowed

Despite returning with two more goals from super players Unwacho and Torstedt, KRC Genk lost their maximum in the playoff 2 in Charleroi. The race no longer had its European destiny in its hands after a sharp end, as Bayeux first tied (2) -2) and then the VAR overturned his winning goal.

On the remarkably sparsely populated Mamburg, Bernd Stork alternated his appearances in his usual 4-3-3 formation. Furthermore, Oyen was favored over Thorstvedt at 10 and replaced Paintsil Golden Boot Onuachu as the deep striker. Thanks to Ouattara’s quick response, the latter two were given space to force an open opportunity after just three minutes. Young Genk’s pass was too difficult to put Paintsil in front of Koffi alone.

Coffee escapes in red

It was a promising start that gave the visitors a number of corner kicks. Heynen had a good chance of heading off the near post in Oyen’s first, but he hit the ball insufficiently to find the net.

However, Genk’s opening attack died prematurely, and for another chance it was just half an hour ago. Covey misjudged a deep lane and spins red by blowing up Paintsil on the right in front of the large rectangle. D’Hondt was left with a yellow card, as Paintsil moved towards the corner flag. But the severity of the treatment itself also legitimized another claim.

Sacrifice in a stroke

Meanwhile, the home team grew in the match. Vandvoordt shouldn’t have interfered with poor shots from Zarouri, Golizadeh and Heymans. The latter, in particular, could have done more with Golizadeh taking off.

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It was as if Racing, who lost more and more duels, did not take this warning seriously. Pay visitors cash instantly. Zorgane pushed back into a duel and found Nkuba with his wing changed. He did not wait for the next Bayo cross, and he looked perfectly between Mackenzie and Lucomi and headed 1-0 at close range.

Almost 1-1, almost 2-0

Bernd Stork actually changed his rifle in the first half. With Thorstvedt and Onuachu ahead of Bongonda and Paintsil, Coach Genk chose strength and prestige over speed. His team should have always attended less than three minutes later. Owen led Eto’o perfectly during the team’s defense. The Japanese broke free perfectly but, head to head with Kofi, they failed to put the ball into the open right corner.

Photo: BELGA

It was a fantastic fifteen minute start, in which the match could go in any direction. Onwacho also missed the opportunity to equalize with a Heinen free kick header. But Charleroi came close to 2-0 in centimeters. After happily getting the ball into the penalty area, Heymans was allowed to run alone towards Vandevoordt. The ball bounced off the post directly into the hand of Genk’s goalkeeper.

Onuachu and Thorstvedt as supersub

So far the party hasn’t lasted. The retreating zebras closed the door, and Jink’s superstructure lacked the speed and accuracy to break Hino’s code. Even ten minutes before the appointment, Storck’s rabbit foot has done its job again.

Genk climbed again and again in just four minutes. Once again, a substitute took the lead. Onwacho appeared very smart from Andrew’s back to finish a cross from King Ito’s assistant (1-1). Kofi miraculously kept his side right with a shot from Thorstvedt, but the Norwegian made it 1-2 with the rebound, when Kofi was unable to block a Heynen shot.

Charleroi and Genk shared the points after three goals and one goal disallowed

Photo: Isosport

Satan Bayou torment in injury time

However, the race let its maximum playoff 2 slip out of your hands in injury time. Preciado’s loss of possession led to a quick home onslaught. Morioka who came in strong, fired Bayo who left Vandevoordt without a chance (2-2). Bayo even made the score 3-2, again with a push from Morioka, but saw a hat-trick and victory slip through his fingers, after the VAR spotted an offside previously.

After a rough ending, it remains a draw, ensuring that Genk is no longer in her European hands. Even with Genk’s 9 out of 9 in the last three games, AA Gent also has to drop a stitch out of Genk to keep Limburg club’s European ambitions intact.

charloie: Koffi – Knezevic, Andreou, Bessile – Nkuba, Zorgane, Heymans, Gholizadeh, Kayembe – Zaroury, Bayo.

KRC GENK: Vandevoordt – Preciado, McKenzie, Lucumi, Juklerod – Ouattara, Heynen, Oyen – Ito, Paintsil, Bongonda.

Alternatives: 46′ Bongonda and Paintsildoor Thorstvedt and Onuachu, 68′ Zorgane and Zaroury by Ilaimaharitra and Morioka, 70′ Jukleröd by Arteaga, 82′ Kayembe by Mbenza, 89′ Oyen by Cuesta and Knezevic by Petkevicius.

Objectives: 45′ Bayou 1-0, 80′ Unwacho 1-1, 84′ Thornstedt 1-2, 93′ Bayou 2-2.

yellow cards: 27′ Koffi (a Paintsil bug that broke through), 81′ Heymans and Heynen (a bit of trouble).

to rule: D’Hondt.

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