June 5, 2023

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Charles and Camilla Dancing with Lionel Richie and Laughing Their Assholes with Miss Piggy | Property

After the party, the party’s due: King Charles and Queen Camilla dance with Lionel Richie and laugh their butts off at Miss Peggy’s seduction attempts. 20,000 frenzied fans enjoyed Windsor Castle. The pressure still playing obvious tricks on Charles during the coronation has now disappeared like snow in the sun.

For the record, Miss Piggy set her sights on Hugh Bonneville, the actor who talked about the entire event together. He is best known outside the UK for his role in the series ‘Downton Abbey’.

Kate Berry. © Photo News

The evening began as soon as a laughing Charles and Camilla took their seats in the stands to the audience’s applause. Many members of the royal family were in attendance, including William and Kate and their children George and Charlotte.

William spoke too. My grandmother used to say that a coronation is a declaration of our hopes for the future. I know she is lovingly watching us from heaven and she is a proud mom.”

Nicole Scherzinger.
Nicole Scherzinger. ©AP

Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger, and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, among others, appeared on the large circular stage in front of the castle. The star of British musicians was conspicuously absent.

The Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal College of Music and Royal College of Art jointly performed. The ceremony was held in more than a hundred countries. At the beginning of the afternoon, William and Kate came to greet the excited crowd.