June 9, 2023

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Check real estate prices in your municipality

Based on registered deeds of sale, according to Statbel, it appears that the average price for a closed or semi-detached building in Flanders in the fourth quarter was €285,000. In the third quarter it was still 295,000 euros.

The price of a detached house fell from €400,000 to €390,000 in the fourth quarter. The average apartment price fell from €240,000 to €239,000 in the fourth quarter.

However, it was more expensive to buy a house or apartment in 2022 than in 2021. In Flanders, enclosed or semi-detached buildings cost 7.5 percent more than in 2021 (€285,000). The cost of detached buildings (395,000 euros) and apartments (235,000 euros) was 6.8 percent. Across Belgium, the average price of enclosed or semi-detached buildings in 2022 was €2,022 higher than in 2021. Detached buildings cost €23,000 more last year than the previous year, and the extra cost of an apartment was €11,000.

The Flemish municipalities where real estate was the most expensive in 2022 were Knokke-Heist and Sint-Martems-Latem, with an average price of €750,000 per house. In Sint-Martens-Latem this amounted to €950,000 for a detached house, and €1,460,000 in Knokke.

The cheapest municipality in Flanders was Menen, with an average house price of €179,000.

Knokke also had the highest percentage of apartments, with an average price of €545,000. Menin was also the cheapest of the apartments, with an average price of €149,000.

Last year, the most expensive municipality in the entire country was Ixelles in Brussels, where the average house price was €790,000. The cheapest municipality in all of Belgium was Hastière in Namur, with an average price of €78,000 per house. Knokke was the most expensive of the apartments, and Vielsalm in Luxembourg was the cheapest with an average price of €85,000 per apartment.

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