January 31, 2023

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Checking bank accounts three times more

Checking bank accounts three times more


The record of all the Belgians’ bank accounts and insurance contracts was reviewed 153,000 times last year. That’s triple what it was in 2020, de Tejd wrote on Saturday.

source: Belgian

Since the summer of 2020, not only the tax authorities, but also the federal public service judge, bailiffs and notaries have access to the registry, always under certain conditions. Consultation with civil notaries is possible only with the declaration of inheritance.

Civil notaries were responsible for more than half of the inspections (87,141) in 2021. In second place are the tax authorities, which checked the registry nearly 52,000 times last year. This is 5 percent more than in 2020. Such consultations are carried out if tax fraud is suspected and only after permission from high-ranking officials. The number of advisories conducted by FPS Justice increased fivefold in 2021 to more than 10,000.

Group consultations are resisting, especially since the registry will soon contain more sensitive data. Today, the register contains only account numbers, but at the end of this month, banks will also have to pass all balances to the National Bank, which manages the database. This means that the record will reveal how much money is in a person’s accounts, how much they have borrowed, and how much capital their life insurance policies include.

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