December 4, 2022

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Cheetah catches boy (17) who deviates from walking path in Bixe-Bergen

Cheetah catches boy (17) who deviates from walking path in Bixe-Bergen

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The 17-year-old German boy who decided to go off the hiking trail in Beekse Bergen soon won’t be forgotten. He ended up with two of his classmates in the leopard barn. Although they tried to escape quickly, he was caught and bitten by one of the leopards.

wafersource: telegraph

The trio walked along a section of the visitor path with a car, ignoring warning signs. The students panicked after realizing that they were walking into the leopard pen. During the escape, the 17-year-old boy was caught. A visitor in the car saw the accident and sounded the alarm. A zoo spokesman said one of the zoo’s rangers stepped in and took the students to safety. The young man was taken to hospital for treatment for his bite wounds, but was allowed to go home later in the day. Two of his classmates were not injured.

The spokesperson says it is safe to visit the park as long as visitors adhere to the rules. However, Beekse Bergen will consider additional measures that can be taken to make the park safer. However, she calls on people to abide by the rules and not deviate from the paths. “Our primary concern now is the victim, the park ranger and the witnesses,” Pixie Bergen said in a statement.

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