July 24, 2024

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Cheney van der Geogt, finalist of Miss Belgium (24), is frank about heart problems and breast enlargement: “I’ve had low self-esteem for a long time” (Bogenhout)

Cheney van der Geogt, finalist of Miss Belgium (24), is frank about heart problems and breast enlargement: “I’ve had low self-esteem for a long time” (Bogenhout)

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Buggenhout’s Cheany Van der Jeugt (24) is a lot at once, as Miss Belgium’s recent outing in Egypt shows: She’s open about her heart problems and enlarged breasts, and she impresses as a boxer. “But as I got older, I started to accept my body as it is.”

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It started with vague complaints about the heart area, a year and a half ago. A long path of uncertainty followed for Cheany Van der Jeugt. Even today. “I bought an Apple Watch to monitor my heart rate and saw that it made crazy jumps in time, sometimes from 80 beats per minute suddenly, at the touch of a finger, to 170. After an examination and two interventions, the doctors decided three weeks ago to install a monitor, to be able to collect all the data for a period of time.” At least two years, even when I sleep. Then a plan of action is decided – at worst it will be a pacemaker.

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This screen comes with some points of interest. “For example, I’m not allowed to go through security scanners at the airport, nor am I allowed to stand over induction hobs for too long. One can only guess why: Absolutely no hereditary or hereditary factors involved, and I also got tested in the gym.” sports for years. But these heart problems made me realize that I should take every chance in life.”

low self-esteem

Cheney is very open about another topic: her breast augmentation. Because the topic should be negotiable even in a beauty pageant. And because the topic also needs a nuance at the same time. “I’ve had low self-esteem for a long time and struggled with my self-confidence. That’s why I wanted to get rid of the cup. My mom supported that: she keeps up with the appointment and especially wanted her daughter to feel good about herself. Moreover, cosmetic procedures were part of my aesthetic ideal for me.” Or at least at the time. I think the seeming perfection on social media played a big part in that, especially during my teens.”

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Today she has an electronic cup, but she also has slightly modified vision. “I want to make them smaller again. I’m starting to love more of nature and accept my body as it was. I also took lip fillers a year ago, but I’ve also been letting them fade slowly. I feel good about myself and want to keep it that way.”

Cheney has just graduated as a canine physiotherapist and physical therapist—she has five of her own—and has been doing odd jobs at her mom’s tanning center since she was 16. One of the last of the dying dynasties – the solar center, not the mother. She also practices Muay Thai. Being able to stand up for yourself is important to me. But I only locked my head out of the ring once. (Laugh) And yes, sometimes things get difficult during training or competitions: blue eyes, a broken nose. That’s why I stopped boxing during Miss Belgium for some time.”

INF. Miss Belgium candidates are preparing for the final match at the Baron Resort Hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh for a week. It will take place on February 11 at the Plopsa Theater in De Panne.