November 29, 2022

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Children's hospital in Mariupol bombed, evacuations partially fail again: 14th day of war in Ukraine

Children’s hospital in Mariupol bombed, evacuations partially fail again: 14th day of war in Ukraine

Before the new ceasefire came into effect, several cities were once again under heavy shelling and shelling yesterday. According to Ukrainian sources, several people were killed.

In the town of Malin in the province ZhytomyrIn the north of the country, 5 people were killed when several houses were bombed. Factory was also injured. Among the dead was a baby.

Also in the vicinity KharkivResidential areas are said to have been attacked in the east. There could have been two deaths. near Sumi One person was killed and at least 14 people were injured. Ukraine says the Russians bombed civilian targets there for two hours. The city has been under fire for days. More than 20 people were said to have died in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

As well as the suburbs of the capital Kyiv He was going to be attacked again last night. The siren sounded again early in the morning in the city, and reporter Hans Jaap Millesen heard several explosions.

There were also reports that 10 people were killed during the morning in explosions in Severodonetska city in the eastern Lugansk province, outside the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, an area declared by pro-Russian separatist rebels in 2014, only recognized by Russia.

After the nightly bombings, the daytime fighting appears to have almost ceased, although this is difficult to verify.

According to the United Nations, the Russian invasion has already killed at least 474 civilians. Among them are 38 children. The Ukrainian government estimates the number of deaths to be much higher. Russia continues to deny to this day that it attacks civilians.

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