September 24, 2022

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Bitcoin mining difficulty daalt hardst sinds maanden

China Continues to Build Competitive Bitcoin Miners Despite US Sanctions

The US has imposed significant economic restrictions on China over the past few years. By not acting fairly, stealing innovation, and not letting American companies compete, the East is troubling America the most. The Chinese chip industry, among others, has been hit hard by economic sanctions, but that hasn’t deterred Chinese manufacturers of Bitcoin mining hardware.

Faster Chinese chips

writes that Technical intelligenceWho managed to put a new hand ASIC miner From Chinese MinerVa. The hardware uses new chips, which are manufactured in China SMIC. SMIC is China’s largest chip manufacturer, making chips for other companies on contract. MinerVa’s hardware uses chips made on SMIC’s 7nm manufacturing process.

This means they are relatively small and modern. Earlier chips were manufactured at 14 nanometers (nm), ending up in ASIC hardware that Bitcoin miners already own.

Intel’s new ASIC is called Miner Blockscale and uses 7-nanometer-fabricated chips. PC gamer. But Blockscale’s hardware will change Not that much competition Intel is behind it though.

Crypto miners earned that trust Mining Intel is not dependent on China. But if China produces more efficient hardware, the chances of that happening are slim.

The Netherlands also participates in the sanctions

Manufacturing computer chips today is very complicated. Almost all modern chips are made on machines from the Dutch ASML. Every new development requires new machines, but because of the trade war between China and the US, China does not have access to these machines.

The Dutch government agreed to the sanctions at the insistence of the US government. China So can’t Make small chips. 7nm chips are now coming off the line, which may be the smallest that can be made in the near future. Maybe that’s why China will fall behind in chip manufacturing in a few years.

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