November 27, 2022

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China is relaxing its strict coronavirus rules, possibly in response to the severe damage to tourism

China is relaxing its strict coronavirus rules, possibly in response to the severe damage to tourism

With strict lockdowns, China has tried to nip the latest coronavirus outbreak in the bud. Blocks of homes were hermetically sealed off from the outside world as soon as there was any suspicion of a possible case of Covid-19. Public transportation has stopped and the rest of the economy, including the world port of Shanghai, has largely stopped.

For now, the announced mitigations only apply in areas where no more cases of infection have been reported. Moreover, it does not apply to everything: Beijing correspondent Leen Vervaeke reports that restaurants and schools will remain closed for the time being, and hundreds of buildings in the city remain closed due to a reported case of coronavirus, or because someone has been quarantined. due to contact with an infected person.

In the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai, Corona’s harsh regime has led to massive frustration and even rare open protests. Residents confined to their apartment towers expressed their displeasure by screaming. So the relaxation was received with a sigh of relief, even if it was not enough for many.


According to reporter Leen Vervaeke, it is unusual for relaxation to be introduced so quickly: The number of new infections has decreased only three days ago. China may have moved to a quick facilitation due to the approach of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is celebrated on Friday, and in response to the significant damage being done to the tourism industry across China, especially Beijing. The latter may be the reason for the reopening of hotels in tourist areas, which is remarkable as restaurants still have to remain closed.

The harsh measures stem from China’s zero-virus policy aimed at giving Covid-19 no chance.

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