June 9, 2023

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China reported its first arrest due to fake news generated by ChatGPT

A man has been arrested in China’s Gansu Province for allegedly using ChatGPT to generate a fake story about a train accident. This is China’s first arrest in an AI-related investigation as Beijing cracks down on deepfakes technology.

The story, which claimed that nine construction workers died in the accident in the northwestern Chinese town of Gansu, garnered more than 15,000 clicks after it was posted on social media on April 25 by the local police station in the city of Pingliang.

New deepfake rules in China prohibit service providers and users from using this technology to produce, disclose, and fabricate false information.

The rules, which took effect January 10, are designed to restrict the use of generative AI technology to modify online content.

The police statement said that a total of 25 accounts of Baijiahao, a blog-like platform owned by Chinese tech giant Baidu, reported the “incident” which involved IP addresses from different locations.

The suspect, named Hung, was identified and arrested for making up false information after the police traced all the accounts and found that his company was involved.

The local police said that Hong edited and uploaded the news generated by ChatGPT to the Baidu platform, adding that the investigation is ongoing.

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